Seafood – The Spice of life for Non-Vegans

Seafood – The Spice of life for Non-Vegans

Seafood includes the freshwater fish, shellfish, roe, and many other examples. They are consumed regularly by a lot of people around the globe. The non-toxic aquatic animals are exploited by humans for food. Even those with toxic properties can be prepared to circumvent harm to the consumer. After cereals, fish and other seafood are humanity’s most important food, furnishing about 15 per cent of the world population’s protein intake.

The different cuts

Fish are cut into steaks, fillets, or chunks or cut into a whole. RednWhites delivers you the cut of your want. Much seafood is eaten uncooked, either somewhat modified by marination or completely raw. Apart from the most amazing taste of seafood, it also has a lot of health benefits. Eating seafood can

· lower blood pressure

· helps prevent heart attacks and strokes

· help ward off depression.

· Omega-3 fatty acids are seafood’s magic ingredient. Fish have low levels of saturated fat, supply high amounts of protein, and contain the vitamin.

· Seafood has proven brain- and heart-boosting properties.

· Seafood contains abundant nutrients critical for optimal health.

· Eating seafood helps in slowing down the ageing process in a natural way.

The varieties of dishes

There are several varieties of seafood delivered by RednWhites. Each variety has its taste which is the favourite for many non-vegans out there. Seafood is a significant part of the non-vegans list of favourites both in terms of health and taste.

Seafood is cooked in a variety of styles, and it depends on the location. Some types of fish are also known for their origin. It is because the kind of taste they provide is unmatchable with any other fish of the same type but from a different location. Every recipe is not the same but exploits the magic ingredients of seafood in producing tasty dishes.

The love for seafood

The fresh fish smells more like the sea and nothing else. The aroma of frying fish is sure to drive you insane with hunger as it bombards with your nostrils. Though some of the foods can give your jaw muscles a decent workout, the likes of octopus and squid should be quite tender when prepared and cooked properly. Every seafood is unique in terms of its texture, taste and flavour.

Shop Seafood online

People in India are rapidly evolving with newer formats of shopping. They are increasingly shopping online. As the number of members in a family working is increasing day by day, the families are facing a shortage of time. This is the reason they started looking for convenience. Seafood is one of the fresh foods which are very difficult to purchase and maintain and hence finding the seafood at the local supermarket is not very easy.

The online market has a lot of advantages that can favour you the most. With convenient options for home delivery of fresh and frozen seafood, it is easier for people to manage their other tasks of the day. Buying fresh fish online is convenient not only in terms of saving your time and energy on shopping but also in terms of the cost and varieties of options of seafood.

How to choose the right?

Choosing the right fish is very important as it makes your meal healthy and delicious. Some factors need to be focussed on while selecting fish. Now buying fresh fish online is possible as some sites offer this service. The online market provides varieties of fresh fish at a cost lesser than your local market sometimes. One needs to spend a minimal amount of time in choosing the variety of fish they want and order it with a click. The rest is taken care of by the lenders as they bring them to your doorstep real quick.


Red white provides seafood with the flavour of freshness right to your doorstep. You can buy fresh seafood online from RednWhites as they promise you freshness and quality of seafood. Their philosophy is that Eating real food should be more accessible.” Their effort towards quality and sustainability is at the forefront of the process and is supported by a team of dedicated professionals. They handle each box of meat with great care to ensure freshness and quality.